10 Tips for Waking Up Happy

10 Tips for Waking Up Happy

10 Tips for Waking Up Happy

The world would be such a great place if everyone woke up on the right side of the bed. For many, waking up in the morning is a huge struggle. Here are some of our tips and tricks for waking up happy.

1. Don't Press Snooze 

Pressing the snooze button interrupts your natural sleep cycle which means the natural chemicals required to wake you up are being disturbed. Check out the real science behind it in this video.


2. Get The Coffee on Auto-Brew

Set your favourite coffee machine to brew your morning cup automatically. So when you wake up you know there is hot coffee waiting.


3. Change Your Alarm to Music

Waking up to music instead of a terrible buzzer is a much happier way to wake up.

music alarm

4. Don't Reach For Your Phone Right Away

We all do it, we wake up and grab our cell phones to check what we have missed on social media. Well don't! No need to FOMO.

no phone

5. Fresh Flowers 

Adding some beautiful and fresh florals to your nightstand can help you wake up happy, just try it!

fresh flowers

6. Wake Up to Sunlight

Whether natural or not waking up to sunlight is important. It provides us with the right kind of energy we need to start our days off right.


7. Wake Up at The Same Time Daily

Always try and wake up at the same time every day. This will help not only your sleep cycle but how refreshed you feel when you rise.


8. Get a Good Stretch

Once you wake up make sure to give your body a much needed healthy stretch.


9. Clean Your Room At Night

Waking up to a clean bedroom is important. So put away your clothing and messy items at night so you can wake up in a clean environment.


10. Get Some Furry Snuggles 

Spending time with a pet is an instant morning boost. So get your morning smooches and snuggles right when you wake up.

furry snuggles

We hope these tips help you wake up on the right side of the bed! Happy sleeping!

Illustrations by Kerry Dalton

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