5 Bedroom Photo Wall Ideas

5 Bedroom Photo Wall Ideas

5 Bedroom Photo Wall Ideas

We love photo walls! They are such a great use of wall space. They are dynamic and can always be changing. Creating a theme or centralized idea for your bedroom photo wall is a great idea and will help you organize your collection. 

In my bedroom my photo wall theme is black and white. I use family photos, travel photography, typography and inspirational sayings and other black and white prints I collect to create a collage I love. 

Here are some ideas for your photo wall!

1. Travel Photo Wall

Use photos of your travels to create a collage of memories. A travel photo wall is great because it allows you to constantly add to it with every new trip you take.

Travel Photo Wall

Photo from Anna With Love Shop

2. Family Photo Wall

If you are a big family person this is a great idea for you. Consider collecting candid and posed photos of your family to create a collage with roots. 

Family Photo Wall

Photo from Lauren-Loves

3. Typography Photo Wall

Collect sayings, quotes and inspirations that mean something to you and create a photo wall with typography.

Typography Photo Wall

Photo from Taryn Whiteaker, Design, Dining and Diapers

4. Historic Photo Wall

Collect old photos of your family and create a historic photo wall. Use pictures of your lineage to create a family tree. Consider even changing the photos all to sepia or black and white for an added twist.

Historic Gallery Wall

Photo from The Remodelista 

5. Kid's Artwork

If you have children you probably have a ton of their art hanging around the house. Frame it and make it into a collage. Continue to add to it as your child grows to create a memorable photo wall.

DIY Gallery Wall

Photo from The Caterpillar Years

We hope these ideas get your creativity flowing. Send us a photo of your bedroom photo wall! We would love to see it.

Check out our inspiring Pinterest board for more great ideas.

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