To Bedskirt or To Not Bedskirt

To Bedskirt or To Not Bedskirt


To Go With a Bed Skirt or No Bed Skirt:

There are so many decisions we need to make when purchasing new bedding that go far beyond colour and size. Threadcount, cotton, percale, sateen, bamboo… we will go over all of that in a future post. Right now, I am finding that so many clients are asking the question “Do I do a bed skirt” or “Do I not do a bed skirt… the answer usually lies within what type of bed you have and what you preference is.


Do We Like Bed Skirts!?

I don’t know about you, but at Rain and Rowe WE LOVE THEM!!! What is not to love? They can be made with any fabric, colour or design. They cleverly hide any necessary storage that may be under the bed. They are easily laundered and maintained, plus they are usually a better option when you are sticking within a budget. 

If you are interested in a more streamlined, modern look you may be going for a bed that has side rails integrated with the headboard or a platform bed and these styles do not require a bed skirt at all. Many times, they are lower to the floor and eliminate the use of a box spring since they come with a posture board and only your mattress is needed for a comfy sleep.

A less expensive, (usually) option is to go with your standard box spring and mattress on a metal frame and use a headboard. The headboard can be installed directly to the metal frame or directly to the wall and to hide the box spring and metal frame we use a bed skirt.


Types of Bed Skirts

Tailored Bed Skirt:

Our favourite is the tailored bed skirt with centre and corner pleats. This gives you a cleaner and more streamlined look, it involves using less fabric and cam easily be embellished with a grosgrain or contrast fabric hem along the bottom to give it some weight and added detail.

Colcha Linens Bed Skirts & Accessory CM-B Cambric White Bedskirt

Image: Pinterest

Gathered Bed Skirt:

Those of you that prefer a more feminine look for your bed skirt, this is the one for you. This style uses more fabric than a tailored style since there are so many pleats. If you have a footboard with posts make sure that there are split corners to accommodate.

A touch of ball fringe in an unexpected place makes us smile. (Country Curtains Ball Fringe Bed Skirt)

Image: Pinterest

Custom Bed Skirts;

These are such a great idea because you want the perfect length of bed skirt, so it doesn’t flood on the floor or end up looking like floods. When you do custom, you are in full control of the height, how many pleats you would like, added detail and embellishments. Try doing an inverted pleat with a contrast fabric on the inside or a button detail on top of the pleat. A great look is to use the same fabric on your custom bed skirt that you used on your custom headboard. This creates an unified and very finished look.


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