Creating a Classic Bedroom

Creating a Classic Bedroom

Creating a Classic Bedroom

When Creating a Classic Bedroom, it makes perfect sense to look back at Classic Styles from the past. Renaissance, Colonial, Federal, Empire… these are all styles that have stayed current and timeless and are still being used today, with a modern twist. The classic style is elegant, refined, comfortable and most often symmetrical. Using symmetry creates balance and harmony in the bedroom which is pleasing to the user and helps to establish a calm and serene environment.

Classic Bedroom Design

Designer-Melissa Haynes from At Home in Arkansas

Interior Architecture

Interior Architectural goes hand in hand with the classic bedroom. Plaster cornice moulding, wall and ceiling panels, a medallion around your chandelier, tall base boards and plinth blocks will all help you to create a timeless retreat with a touch of history in the details.

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 Focal Point

Having a Focal Point in your room is somewhere for your eye to rest and to creates emphasis. This most likely will be the bed, but it could also be a fireplace with mirror or art above, a row of amazing window, sculpture. Again, a classic bedroom tends to be symmetrical so the focal point will be the centre line of the symmetry.

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Colour should be calm and inviting in a classic bedroom. Stay with colour selections that stand the test of time and are elegant, stay away from the “colour of the year”. Some tried and true colour schemes that work for a classic bedroom are;

White and Black

White and Navy Blue

Charcoal and Cream

Champagne and Grey

Beige and White


Fabrics in a classic room are where you are going to tap into the luxury element. Bring in different textures like silk, cashmere, wool, mohair. Keep your palette refined and calm and add a pop of colour with a fresh floral arrangement, artwork and details on curtains and accent cushions. The perfect sheet set for a Classic Bedroom would be the Hotel 3- Line in any colour.

Classic Bedroom Design Blog | Rain and Rowe

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Happy Designing!

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