Creating a Modern Bedroom

Creating a Modern Bedroom

Creating a Modern Bedroom

When you are about to embark upon a new design for your bedroom, there are so many looks, moods and styles that you can go with. Are you going to be cool and modern? Perhaps you are more traditional or casual? Rustic or maybe luxurious? Whatever your style, there are always a few key elements to help you achieve your desired result.

This post will focus on creating a modern bedroom and we would like to share with you some helpful design advice to keep your bedroom consistent with this style.

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Form Follows Function

“Form follows Function”. For a modern bedroom you will need to only have furniture that is functional. A bed, nightstands, lighting, maybe a carpet. You are looking more at the shape and material of your furniture and keeping details to a minimum.

Low Profile or Platform Bed

The main piece of furniture is your bed of course, and we feel that the most modern look for a bed would be the low profile, platform bed with integrated nightstands and lighting. Keep the linens all crisp and white, sleek and tailored. Rain and Rowe’s Basic Sheet Set would be a perfect complement to a modern bedroom. A pop of colour with an accent pillow or throw is all you would need to add.

Modern Bedroom Wood and White bedroom scene from rain and rowe design co 

Interior Architecture 

Keep your interior architecture sleek and streamlined. Soft curved lines of a light fixture against a wooden, linear bed and headboard would be a great complement to each other.


Materials should be kept to a minimum. Use natural materials and keep colours light, with accents of earthy tones. Think wood accents in furniture, a raw concrete floor with a wool area rug, large windows with minimal trim is an added bonus.


modern bedroom with grey concrete wall from modern bedroom blog rain and rowe


Happy Designing!

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