Life in Bed: Pets, Kids, Food & Work

Life in Bed: Pets, Kids, Food & Work

Bed is more than just a place for sleep these days. It is a hang out, a comfortable place for the whole family to snuggle, including your furry loved ones. Those who do not eat or drink in bed are the rare few..or maybe I am wrong. For some reason food always ends up in bed, whether it is the kids who bring it or just your late night secret sweet tooth.

Life in bed is nothing to be ashamed about it at Rain and Rowe we believe that bed is one of the most important places in our lives. 

Since we all know "life gets messy" it is important that you know and understand how to protect, combat and deal with messy situations that may arise in bed.

In this blog post we are going to take you through the survival tools, products and ground rules to keep your white bedding white while not sacrificing your lifestyle.

Pets: Our Furry Friends & Snugglers 

We love our furry friends whether it is a dog, cat, rabbit or cheetah we believe that allowing them on the bed is IMPORTANT. Our pets love to have snuggle time with us and it is a great stress reliever for us after a long day. Knowing how to deal with pet messes and protect your white bedding is important if this is part of your lifestyle. So here are our tips & tricks:

  • The Bottom Coverlet: We always recommend putting a dark coloured/contrasting coverlet or throw blanket at the bottom half of the bed. This is where your pets usually will jump up with their messy, dusty and dirty feet. A dark coloured coverlet can help protect your precious white sheets.
  • Spot Cleaning: Knowing how to properly deal with mud, dirt and other surface stains that may be caused by your furry loved one is important. There are a few things we always recommend. We love the ease of use of Tide to Go, we keep it in our nightstands!! Just in case. This is a quick and easy way to spot clean. Another one of our secret weapons is Resolve for Pets a great surface cleaner that can help deal with quick spot cleaning on any white linens.
  • The Lint Brush/Roller: Having quick and easy access to a lint roller is important in my household with my shedding dogs. Giving my duvet cover a quick rollover after making my bed daily prevents the build up of fur. 

dog on bedding

Kids: Our Little Ones and Sticky Fingers 

Spending time bonding with your newborn, or your little ones is an important part of bed time. Knowing how to quickly deal with spit up, throw up and those sticky fingers on your white bedding is important.

  • Protectors Protectors!! One of our biggest recommendations for ALL lifestyles is to protect your mattress, pillows and duvet with protectors. Protecting your mattress is probably the most important, as it will make sure that your investment remains clean and stain free. 
  • Dealing With It ASAP: Will formula and food spit up it is very important that you deal with it as soon as possible. The quicker you get your white linens into the wash the better.
  • Bed Snuggle Rules: It is never too early to teach your little ones some bed time rules when they are in your bed. Things like washing their hands and wiping their faces with baby wipes can save your white linens.

baby on bed

Food: Cookie Crumbs and Coffee Stains

I could be wrong but I would like to believe I am not the ONLY human being that sneaks bedtime snacks or morning coffees in my bed. Now I would like to believe there is no shame in this, some may disagree, however knowing how to clean up after yourself is important. Coffee stains can be some of the worse type of stains to get out of your white bedding so other than throwing out your bedding learning to clean up your mess is important. 

  • Deal With It Right Away: Deal with food stains immediately before they set in. 
  • Always Have a Back Up Set: As Designers we always recommend having two sets of sheets for simple switching and simpler laundry days.

crumbs on bed

Work: The Digital Age of Laziness

As technology advances my time in bed increases. Whether it is my wake-up Instagram viewing habit or my late night Pinterest pinning, I find I spend a lot of time on my technology in bed. I know many people who do not allow technology into bed and power to you, however the same way bed is part of life so is technology unfortunately-and the two are bound to meet. Here are some tips and tricks for managing media, work and technology in bed.

  • Time Limits: I often use my timer on my iPhone to limit the time I have to work in bed. This prevents me from spending the entire day in bed or staying up all night.
  • Charge Cord Length: So this may be silly but I find it helps me with iPhone screen time at night. I limit my charge cord length so I can't comfortably be on the phone while it is charging at the end of the day.
  • Never Sleep With Your Phone: I have a strict no sleeping with my phone rule. The phone must stay on the nightstand. 

computer on bed

We hope this blog post opened your eyes to living your life in bed. There is nothing to be ashamed about but knowing how to deal with life messes to protect your bedding is an important part of our philosophy at Rain and Rowe. We would love to hear any tips and tricks you have for surviving life in bed below in the comment section.

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