Sleep Better By Turning Off Your Mind

Sleep Better By Turning Off Your Mind

Turning Your Mind Off So You Can Sleep

Lying awake in bed is one of the worst and most helpless feelings. You know you need to sleep but you can’t and what is going to happen to your day tomorrow? I struggle with this constantly, running two companies, teaching, family, friends, stress, social media and other responsibilities can keep me up some night until 4 in the morning. I wanted to end this horrible pattern and learn to turn off my mind so if you are not a sheep counter, like me, here are some ways to completely turn off your mind before bed.

1. Unplug from Everything (Let go of FOMO)

unplug from electronics

It is important that you disconnect. It is important for your brain, mind and mental health. In today’s age it is difficult to cut off from “screen time” or to just unplug and disconnect from things as simple as your iPhone. Understanding the benefits that completely unplugging can have to your health is the first step in changing your horrible sleeping patterns.


Tips: Set your phone to go on Do Not Disturb from 10pm at night until 6am. This means that you will not be kept awake by texts, social posts and or phone calls. When you put your phone to DND calls will meet your answering machine and you can deal with everything in the morning. Learn how to do this here.


2. Unwinding Time

Relax bath tub photo

Make sure that you set aside proper time before bed to truly unwind. Whether it is time spent reading, snuggling or watching your favourite TV programs this time is important to turning off your mind.


3. Notebook


Keep a notebook beside your bed. This has always helped me for late night ideas, memories or just to keep an active to do list for the next day. Knowing that you have a paper and pen beside your bed help you write things down to get them off your mind, further helping you to have a good night’s rest.


4. Sleep Comfort

comfortable sleep

It is important that you are comfortable in bed. Having the right pillows, the correct bedding and the proper weight of blanket can directly impact your ability to fall asleep.

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