Why White?

Why White?

Here at Rain and Rowe, we love great linens…, clean linens….., WHITE linens. In fact, we love WHITE linens so much that we all of our products are made from predominantly WHITE sheets! Why do we love WHITE linens so much you ask? Well, we shall tell you :)


White Linens are Clean:

Have you ever stayed a night at an amazing hotel or resort? Well 99% of the time, you are sleeping in crisp, clean, WHITE sheets. The wonderful feeling of climbing into a luxurious WHITE bed is part of that hotel resort experience. Part of the reason they use WHITE linens is so that guests can always see the sheets are clean. It would be a completely different experience climbing into navy or dark sheets as it would be harder to tell if they were clean.


White Linens are Bright:

In most bedrooms the bed is the star of the space. So, it only makes sense that you would want to draw attention and focus to your bed. What could be brighter, calmer, more soothing and inviting than WHITE? Well we can answer that question, nothing. A WHITE bed can brighten up a dark space and you can always add some accent colours in your pillows, throws and details.


White Works with all Colours

We have selected some amazing accent colours for our Coloured Flange Sheet Set, our Hotel 3-Line Sheet Set and for our Coloured Hem Sheet Set. Even though we love WHITE sheets, it’s great to have the ability to add some fun and interest with colourful details. Don’t stop here though, add some fun accent cushions in different textures and prints. The WHITE linens on your bed are your blank canvas, you can create whatever mood you want from this starting point. If you need some professional design assistance for your bedroom, check out our e-design offer.



White Works for Everyone

WHITE sheets are suitable for everyone. They exude a spa-like feeling and are always so crisp and cool. We can easily suggest WHITE linens for a teen girl’s bedroom, a bachelor pad, kids bedroom or dorm rooms. they work for everyone! Everyone deserves the luxury of clean WHITE linens.

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