our perfect fit

How we re-designed traditional bedding to make it fit your bed like your perfect pair of denim.

Our Sheeting

We worked long and hard on our special weave. All of our bedding is made from 100% eco-friendly cotton. We use the same woven goods for all of our sheet sets. Why change something when it is just so good??! Our woven goods are 400 thread count.

the universal fitted sheet

We have perfected the fitted sheet. We have made laundry day easier and life just a whole lot simpler. Our fitted sheet has a high quality continuous elastic edge. This edge keeps our 17" pocketed fitted sheet, on your bed tightly. With no readjusting needed our bottom sheet fits all kinds of mattresses, including Casper and Endy. All we can say is you gotta try it!!

The extra tuck hem top sheet

When it came down to re-designing the sheet set we knew something had to be done about the top sheet. Many people feel confined by a top sheet or just get annoyed at it bunching down by your feet. We have added a little wiggle room to the length of our top sheet which will seriously change how you sleep. It was a simple change but it is great!

flange-less pillow shams

When you are dealing with cotton getting the perfect sham look was always difficult due to the lightweight nature of sheeting. We have re-designed the decorative pillow sham to be flange-less, that way no need to fuss or iron

The invisible zipper

Why do people put buttons on the bottom of their duvets? This never made sense to us. Buttons would pop off in the wash and become a hazard to pets and kids. Plus the duvet insert would constantly be sticking out. Our Invisible zipper is life changing, if not, laundry day changing.Our linear zipper is hidden inside a flap of our cotton bedding, meaning the cold metal zipper will NEVER touch your body.

Hotel Style Sheet Set

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