Our Perfect Fit

all about our perfect fit

We believe that your bedding should fit your bed, with the same perfect fit as your favourite pair of denim.

Our Cotton, Our Weave, Our Promise

We understand that there are so many options out there when it comes to purchasing your bedding, so we wanted to be different. Our cotton is 100% eco-friendly and our weave is exclusively ours. We worked for a long time to perfect the weave and feel of our bedding. All of our bedding is made using the same material. This allows us to further cut down on high product costs.

our universal fitted sheet

We were tired of searching for the perfect fitted sheet for the different mattresses of our clients, so we created what we call the UNIVERSAL FITTED SHEET. Our fitted sheet fits any mattress like a glove while making laundry day just a little easier. Our continuous elastic surrounds the entire edge of our fitted sheet, which means that no matter how thick or thin your mattress may be our fitted sheet will hug it.

the flange-less pillow sham

We always disliked the look of the floppy flange edges on cotton bedding. These flanges meant that you needed to iron your shams prior to using them so they would look nice and unwrinkled. We solves the problem by removing the flange for a clean simple and modern look.

the tuck hem

The top sheet or flat sheet was always an issue. It would end up at the bottom of the bed or just feel too constraining while sleeping. By simply adding a few inches to the end of our top sheets we have created a bit more wiggle room. This means you can enjoy your sleep! 

our invisible zipper

Buttons on the duvet cover always bothered us. They would either come off in the wash or pop off while you were sleeping. The duvet insert would also sloppily hang out of the open gaps. Problem solved with our INVISIBLE ZIPPER. We replaced buttons with a quality zipper strategically placed on the duvet cover to make laundry day easy. The zipper is covered by a flap of our amazing cotton so it will never touch your body.

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